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What to buy in Venice? Venice is the most romantic city in Italy and perhaps the most extraordinary city in the world. With its islands, canals, gondolas and vaporettos, you can be sure that it will be a place you have never seen before. creation-logo

However, I must say that it is both a heaven and a hell for shopping lovers. Heaven, because there is no other place in the city for the quality of craftsmanship and aesthetics, and the products you can buy here are extremely unique. Hell, because the prices are so high. That’s why it’s so hard for me to write What to Buy in Venice. websiteseo However, I would like to present a tidy list of what the tourists who will go to the city will encounter, about the price levels, more or less. Set a budget as best you can, and leave the rest to Venice.

What to Buy in Venice? The most popular souvenirs you can buy for yourself and your loved ones from Venice, the world touristic city of Italy: blur

Baicoli Biscuits
Murano Glass
Burano Lace
Venetian Mask
Gondolier Hat
Pasta seo-consult
Handmade Shoes
Other Souvenirs
You can find detailed information and photos about the places where you can buy all these souvenirs in our article titled Venice shopping guide. justin-timberlake

Baicoli Biscuits, whose name means “sea bass” in Venice, is one of the most affordable options you can buy among Venetian products.

These biscuits, which were stocked in abundance by Venetian merchants before embarking on sea voyages in the past, have been one of the symbols of the city, as well as keeping their freshness for a long time. defisconseil

Today, for touristic purposes, Baicoli biscuits, which are sold in metal boxes with pictures of traditional Venice or Venetian men and women, are mostly vanilla, but with a little research, you can also find hazelnut and pistachio ones. blague-courte

Actually, my recommendation for Baicoli, which can be found in almost every market and grocery store in the city, is “Dai Fioi”, which is not far from the Rialto Bridge. Prices here are around 15 Euros. abripiscines

(Address: San Marco 3724, Venice. Open: 10:00 – 18:30 every day except Sunday)

Murano Glass According to the Venetians, there is Murano glass in the world and all other glass. Venice, which once dominated the world’s glass production, still has its success in this field. bibliothequeparis

These aesthetic and expensive glass products, whose production stages are extremely unusual, and therefore touristic trips are organized to the glass workshops on the island of Murano, close to Venice, are among the options you can buy if your budget allows during your visit to Venice. checkergooglerank

During the workshop visits, you can both see the glasswork on site and then shop at the shops on the island.

The prices of Murano glass products vary greatly depending on the size of the product and the quality of the glass. There are options on a wide scale from 30 Euros to 30,000 Euros. netsolution

The only criterion you need to pay attention to is that the product you want to buy is real Murano glass. Because in Venice, especially in tourist areas, most shops sell products made in China or Taiwan. chanterelle

If you want to buy a Murano glass product, you can ask for a certificate or you can go to the Cendese Store in San Marco, which has been making Murano glass products for almost 80 years, whose collection I admire. subsaharandrilling

(Address: San Marco 44, Venice, Open: 09:00-19:00 every day except Sunday)

Burano LaceBurano Island is the place where the world famous Burano Laces are produced, located approximately 1 hour away from Venice by vaporetto. Burano lace, which has been produced with a complex handwork for almost 500 years, is one of the most elegant laces you can see even today and can be called a work of art. metro-montreal

The history of these laces is also extremely interesting. In the 19th century, when there was only one woman left on the island who knew how to weave Burano lace, the rich people of Venice established a committee to ensure that this unique craftsmanship was not lost to history and that it could be continued for centuries, and opened the “Scuola Di Merletto” lace school. 200iso

The women who grew up at the school gave a great reward for this and ensured the fame and existence of Burano lace.

If you want to see various Burano lace models in Venice and buy the ones you like from the models with prices ranging from 5 to 500 Euros, there are many addresses, my suggestion is; Il Merletto. word-press

(Address: Sotoportego del Cavaletto, Piazza San Marco 95, Venice. Open: daily from 10:00 to 17:00)

Venetian MaskIf you associate the famous Venetian masks with carnival, you are wrong. Actually, the history of these masks is different. labastide-saint-pierre

In the past, rich people in Venice wore these masks not only during carnival but also when they went out for all kinds of entertainment such as dinner and theater.

In fact, Venetian masks were used as a tool to hide the shame of those who were once rich and later lost their wealth. heavy news

According to another rumor, it ensures that people are not separated according web-directory to their social status, and that a social system that equals everyone works. dailyday


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