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The brewing and soaking time of filter coffee is complex but worth the wait. The process begins with wetting the surface of the coffee and the blooming of the soaked coffee, in other words, the swelling of the soaked coffee. This process takes 30 seconds on average and the brewed coffee gives its real aroma at this stage. At the end of this process, carbon dioxide is released, thus facilitating the flow of water throughout the rest of the process. The process after the coffees swell takes an average of 2 minutes. coffee distributors
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As for espresso, Italians are adamant that the time to make a shot of espresso should be 25 to 30 seconds, no more, no less. If you’re getting a coffee with milk, it still takes seconds to heat and add the milk. The preparation time, which takes about one minute, including the grinding time (of course, depends on the multitasking ability of the person preparing the coffee). In summary, espresso is the best way to get your coffee quickly.