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Although the term script is generally used in the field of software, you may have seen that this English word is also used in the field of theater and cinema. It should not be difficult to establish the connection, since this word means script, ready-made text in our language. Let’s get to know this term a little more closely through the questions of what is a script, what is it useful for, what are its types, and what other meanings are used.
What does script mean?
Script, as it is used in the software field; refers to a code block consisting of codes written in any programming language. Although it is widely used in online systems in general, it is one of the solution methods used in offline digital areas, thanks to its functional features and efficient structure. Discord servers
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What does the script do?
Let’s say you are designing a simple website or blog. When you want to add a special image to a corner of the homepage, writing a simple HTML code is not for everyone. This is where Script comes into play. When you take this code block, which was prepared by the masters before, and place it in the appropriate area, the image you want appears before you.
Of course, uploading a ready-made HTML code to a website is the simplest use of these code blocks. It is also possible to use code blocks created in many different software languages ​​in offline digital services and different online spaces. The important thing is to find and use the Script code block created with a compatible coding language. here

Where are scripts used?
Script code blocks written using any programming language are generally used in online digital services. However, its usage area is not limited to this. Script code blocks can be used in all digital services created with coding, even offline. Dont forget to drink coffee

The biggest reason why script code blocks are used so frequently and widely is efficiency. Sometimes when designing a digital service consisting of millions of lines of code, be sure, sometimes using such ready-made codes will make your work easier. Because a basic code to be written to perform an operation is often written in the same language to perform the same operation.

What are the script types?
Cgi Script: Code blocks written to establish a connection between an internet service and other applications.
Visual Basic Script: These are the blocks created using the Microsoft VBScript language.
Mirc Script: It is the type written to run in the Mirc application.
Php Script: They are code blocks written in PHP, that is, Hypertext Preprocessor language. It is the most widely used species.
Shell Script: These are the code blocks used in the Shell operating system.
Apple Script: It is the type used in the macOS operating system.
Nulled Script: It is the name given to Unlicensed Script types. Its use is illegal.

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Java Script: Code blocks developed by Netscape company to create animated and interactive areas on websites.
HTML Script: It is one of the most common types and is used with theAdvantages and disadvantages of using scripts:
Advantages; here
Since it is open source code, it offers the opportunity to reach and edit everyone.
You don’t need to compile.
It is easy to learn, write and use.
It offers the opportunity to work in harmony with different operating systems.
It is much easier to develop.
Being open source may cause problems with some license rights.
You may sometimes have to use an external application to run the script.
It may run slower than a compiled file.
Different Script meanings:
The Turkish equivalent of the English word Script means a script, that is, a text written for its implementation in theater and cinema. For this reason, when you come across the word Script on an art text written in English, you should think of the script, not the code blocks.