Estate sale without agency

You own a property and you need to sell without passing the baton to professional agencies. In this ever-changing market, anything can be done on its own with a few methods and tips. However, the initiative to sell as an owner cannot be improvised. You should be able to study the market and know its different deals, prospect effectively, make the most of the negotiation phases and administrative procedures caused by this transaction. Selling real estate yourself: where to start? Follow the leader.

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Selling real estate yourself: a question of economy car rent
This is one of the main motivations for homeowners to undertake the sale of real estate themselves: the economy. Indeed, the costs of the services of a real estate agent are relatively high. Recourse to professional assistance is therefore not always an option, especially if you intend to enjoy all the capital of your drawn property during this sale.

However, the flip side of this prerogative is a possible difficulty in finding good deals and the price of your property itself. Indeed, you should sometimes comply with certain constraints, in particular the fact of having to offer a relatively lower price compared to the rest of the market to accelerate your sale. In addition, certain costs will remain your responsibility, in particular those of real estate sites and classified ads media, the establishment of numerous certificates, cadastral searches, etc.
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